HotSpot Local and Please Give Local is a City Directory Serving Local Merchants and Nonprofits. They have joined in developing this conduit where merchants, consumers and nonprofits come together and support each other, our community, and those who are in need. We like to think of it as a perfect circle where everyone has the spirit of supporting and giving. This directory of participants shows the strength of a community that truly believes in Shopping Local and Supporting Local.


Our directories are just a small part of everything we do to encourage consumers to conduct business with local merchants. is a great place to find local businesses that care and treats everyone as Loyal Customers. is a link to all of the cities we are connected with at this time, but keep coming backā€¦ we are growing and will be in your neighborhood soon. If you would like to receive special notification about our new daily deals program, please sign up for HotSpot Alerts. HotSpot Alerts will send the savings offers you want direct to your phone or email.

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